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Hi! Welcome to our Website. you can purchase our beloved sea moss from the Caribbean, natural and organic spices, soaps, T-shirts, and books on this website. We are conveniently located in Ajax Ontario. We hope you will enjoy visiting us online and in-store at select Canada Black own stores. 



We have launched a new section to our online store We are selling spices and sea moss from the sunny island of Jamaica

 I am from Jamaica and I can say the island of Jamaica is often described as the paradise of exotic spices. 

I saw the opportunity to retail naturally made products from the Caribbean after my son was diagnosed with TYPE 1 DIABETES, and that was the time I realized the importance of eating organic and healthy. 

That more or less sums it up. I have decided to dedicate my life to educating and providing organic and naturally made products to the world with the taste of our Caribbean culture.

It is our goal at the Dfactr to share with the world our food (spices), fashion and lifestyle. Please take a look at our online catalogue,



If you are passionate about a healthy lifestyle 

That’s right, everything on the catalogue: sea moss, cinnamon, nutmeg or snacks are all produced in the Caribbean.

Other than edible spices, we also produce local cosmetic products made using Caribbean spices, such as coconut and nutmeg soaps. For the complete list of all our products, take a look at our online catalogue.


One of our major exports is Sea Moss from the island of Saint Lucia, and Sea Moss from the island of Jamaica 

 We are equipped to ship our products worldwide.


Phone: (905) 621-7520


✅ 100% Natural & Wildly Harvested

✅ Bagged before boxing to ensure uncontaminated delivery

✅ Shipped within 3-5 days 

✅ Unbeatable prices  

✅ Supplying premium sea moss 


What makes us better than other companies?

     pricing, quality and service. 

  • We're cheaper than every sea moss business out there 

  • Our sea moss is A+ Grade (The top 10% near the volcanic lands)

How long does shipping take?

We use the ground ship shipping method. Our wholesale orders from our Canada location ship within 3-5 days. 

Please note that order processing can take up to 1-2 days. Orders are shipped after they are processed.

Where Does The Sea Moss Come From?

Our sea moss comes from the islands of Jamaica and St Lucia. 



The Farmers work very closely with the Government to adhere to positive sustainability practices. Certificates of quality are issued to all our harvests to ensure quality standards are met for the international market.

Whatever your demand is for Sea Moss we will supply. Feel free to contact us.

Our sea moss comes from the pristine waters of Saint Lucia and Jamaica in the Caribbean. 



Sea moss and its botanical name are Chondrus crispus. The Chondrus crispus sea moss grows on rocks along the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean of Africa, Ireland, the Americas, the Caribbean, and Europe.


Sea moss grows in constantly moving water along the shores of the Ocean and its colour varies from greenish-yellow to brown, red, dark purple, to purplish-brown.

Rest assured you are purchasing Premium Sea Moss online from us.


What Are The Benefits Of Sea Moss? Sea Moss has many benefits

  • Sea Moss is rich in iodine and may support thyroid health.

  • May build and support immunity.

  • May improve and promote gut health.

  • May help support weight loss.

  • May promote heart health.

  • May improve blood sugar management.


What is the best way to consume sea moss?

Our sea moss is sold in its raw, dried form. You can prepare a gel from this at home. This may be one of the most popular ways to consume it. To prepare a sea moss gel, simply soak raw sea moss in water overnight, then rinse and blend it with new water until smooth.

Sea moss can also be boiled until dissolved if you cannot consume it in its raw form.

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